Use house paint color according to Feng Shui to increase luck

Friday - 22/02/2019 20:02
The house is the most intimate, close place for everyone, so choosing paint colors for walls is beautiful, durable and colored to look for luck that many homeowners care about.
Use house paint color according to Feng Shui to increase luck
Each color carries a different meaning in feng shui. For example, white is a symbol of gold or metal, red is the color of fortune, green associated with money, blue is the color of water ...

Therefore, homeowners who want to find luck in the field will choose the corresponding color for their house, combined with the "direction" of the house, which "inspires" luck. For example, select the South or Southwest direction corresponding to red; Select the Southeast direction corresponding to green, choose the east or North direction corresponding to blue, ...

Because the color of the house is so meaningful, if the color of the house wall is faded, it will lead to an unfortunate risk for the owner. This is very likely to happen to homeowners because Vietnam is a country in the tropics, hot and humid with lots of rain and high temperature differences, with relatively harsh climates.

All of these disadvantages will cause shrinkage, expansion, cracking and destruction of the surface as well as material structure, enabling water to enter the walls: Water from soaking up the soil, from leaking roof, water vapor from moist air penetrates the wall. The phenomenon of water permeability will greatly affect the quality of construction, unsanitary, aesthetic impact ... causing unpleasant psychology for people living.

People often use today mainly painting baits to paint walls. Construction process of walls and walls requires strict time, dryness of walls, number of coats, standard weather conditions not too hot, cold and wind. Must wait 28 days for the wall to dry up to 16% to be applied.

Warranty time of painted walls is very low, they are easy to be cracked, blistering, peeling paint, moss, leaking due to the quality of the paint is not suitable for the hot and humid tropical climate conditions. . All of these factors make the "jacket" of the house torn, meaning that the homeowner's fortunes will be greatly affected.

With outside walls, many homeowners have used black rubber bitumen to waterproof. Black is the negative color, not very good for feng shui, but also adversely affects the aesthetic beauty of the house as well as the landscape of the surrounding area.

Therefore, each homeowner should carefully select the material and properties of the paint before deciding to "coat" their home because they affect quite a lot of luck and luck in each family.

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