Transform the bedroom with white tones

Friday - 22/02/2019 20:21
In terms of feng shui, colors create energy fields that affect the relationship between houses and people, harmonize balance of yin and yang energy, promote advantages and limit disadvantages environment to human life.
Transform the bedroom with white tones
White can be used primarily as a wall paint. Furniture items such as beds, bed tables, bookshelves, lamps or other items should choose colors that contrast with white to make an impression, making the room more eye-catching.

However, white should not be used too much. The use of white in every corner of the bedroom will make the room become monotonous and somewhat offensive. White should be used alternately with other hot tones to balance the overall, creating a new bedroom space but not boring.

Based on the principle of color distribution, you need interior decoration at the rate of 60 - 30 - 10. Accordingly, 60 is the ratio for the dominant color throughout the room like the color of walls, ceilings and walls. (ie pure color with white addition), 30 is the ratio for items such as carpet or mattress (pure color with gray added), and the remaining 10 are for decorative items to create points Click for the room, often using pure colors without mixing.

Level 2 color selection (ratio 30) is proportional to mainstream white tones. Usually, white combined with any color brings a certain level of aesthetics. However, you should keep in mind the combination of colors that are not too bright or dark like bright red, burnt orange, pink lotus, dark purple.

At the level of color level 2, you should only choose moderate colors such as pink, blue, light yellow, purple, light gray to direct the visual attention to other unique interior decoration items, more outstanding than.

However, do not choose the floor color to match the wall color. If you have chosen white wall paint, you should limit the selection of floor colors of the same color and vice versa. Interior experts say that the floor is the starting point to "define direction" for other colors.

If the floor has warm colors, then the wall will have to be painted white or cold. The carpet also needs to be different in color to the floor to ensure the room is colored in a fine art.

Choose decorative items (cotton vases, paintings, lights, ...) compatible with the overall. Each item in the room should be in a harmonious color or in contrast to the main white tone. You need to make the connection between white and other accent colors from furniture, avoid turning your room into a mess, into an indiscriminate place of color that makes you feel uncomfortable, pumpkin.

There are people who like many colors in a room but many people just like to choose a color they love to decorate the room, from the walls, furniture, to the curtains, ... This is not necessarily wrong but you Also note when choosing to buy and choose the color theme for the room.

The advice that experts give you is to create focal points by using pillows, pictures or carpets in different colors to break the boredom of mainstream white tones. The bedroom is fresh and full of vitality.

Here are some beautiful color schemes of bedroom with white tones:

The main white cardboard is shown through the bed, color curtain, wall, the highlight in this room is a picture of a whale on the bedside with decorative items such as green trees, seats, ...

The bedroom is designed in minimalism style (minimalist) to increase the elegance of the room.

Some furniture can be used for decoration, to create accents for the room such as small shelves for books, style chairs, paintings, wall-mounted plates, bed lamps, ...

Floors of wood or imitation wood are light brown, not too bold nor too light, meeting the rules of color scheme 60 - 30 - 10 to help the bedroom space become harmonious and balanced.

The bedroom selects the opposite color scheme to increase uniqueness and create a clear highlight.

Whether the size of the bedroom is small or large, if you know how to match the colors appropriately, resonating with accent items, make sure your room will be much nicer.

This bedroom has just been arranged in color and color of furniture (color level 2) in the opposite style, there are just a few impressive items such as blue antique vase and purple bedding. , all create a reasonable and balanced whole.

This is the type of bedroom you should avoid, because the entire room is covered with only one white color, giving the viewer a monotonous and cold feeling.

Trees are also an effective item for bedroom decoration. But you should limit the amount, because at night, plants only release CO2 that is harmful to health.

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