Some notes when using water paint in construction

Friday - 22/02/2019 20:21
Wall painting is a seemingly simple task but it is not simple at all, if we handle the surface, combining the paint color incorrectly, the paint surface will not be good and the aesthetic is not high. Therefore, when using water paint in wall painting, please note the following issues.
Some notes when using water paint in construction
1. If the wall is absorbed, it must be waterproof before using Matit and Water Paint.

2. If the wall has reached the milestone (20 - 28 days) or visually dry with the white color of the plaster, then using Matit or primer will give much better quality than when construction is early.

3. Finish flat Matit, wipe with a damp cloth or clean up the dust of Matit and then apply Water Paint (especially for varnish). Doing so will keep the paint firmly and highly durable.

4. If there is a phenomenon of water infiltration from the wall, it must be waterproofed. Leave to dry for 3-4 days and then apply waterproof matit and water-based paint. Thus, it is possible to avoid reverse phenomenon.

5. If using gloss paint, it is imperative to use Matit and primer to ensure smooth surface, good adhesion. Do not use varnish for the basement, because there is a lot of steam, the paint is easy to blister. In this area, you can use peeling paint or smooth paint because the steam can escape to avoid blistering

6. Blanched wall surfaces have been repaired many times, even using back-pressure paint but still ineffective, it is imperative to remove the poor quality cement mortar and reapply in areas the area is soaked
local before using water paint.

7. When applying, if the paint is thickened, add 5% water. Hungry not to add water beyond the prescribed level, as this will not guarantee the quality of the paint film.

8. Do not paint when the weather is wet or too sunny, the surface of the construction material has a high temperature, because it is easy to peel the paint film.

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