Find partners to open paint agents

Friday - 22/02/2019 20:53
Need to find and open paint agents nationwide, agency policies and attractive discount mechanisms
1. Form of cooperation:
- As an official introduction and distribution agent for GRAVITA /// PAINT paint products
- Specialize in supplying, wholesale and retailing paint products GRAVITA /// PAINT for buildings, other small stores, together with GRAVITA /// PAINT paint to develop and expand markets.

2. Request when opening paint agent:
- Having a business premises to display, introduce and sell products.
- Responsible for design, product quality when sold to customers.
- Strictly commit to sales.

3. Benefits when opening an agency:

- Enjoy attractive discounts.
- Supported in product design and display in stores.
- Supported in communication, advertising, marketing, providing materials and catalogs for product introduction.
- Participate in training courses, training, skills training for sales staff and sales staff at the store.
- Enjoy attractive promotions including discount, cash gifts and valuable artifacts gifts.
- To be provided with a workwear uniform.
- Supported freight costs and free shipping depending on the value of the order.
- Supported consulting and deploying customers' works to achieve the highest cooperation efficiency.

4. Commit to sales
- Agents enjoy attractive discounts and best product quality.
- Participate in all promotions and compensation policies of the company.
- Long-term cooperation, close customers, supported development at the highest level.

5. Contact the partner
- With the motto of cooperation and development, Son La Mode Joint Stock Company will provide maximum support to dealers to introduce and distribute GRAVITA /// PAINT paint products to consumers.

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